Urban Fasel

Lecturer at Imperial College London

Renewable energy

I am broadly interested in design, computational modeling, and optimization of airborne wind energy (AWE) systems. In a collaboration with colleagues from TU Delft and DTU on accelerating the technology development of AWE, we built a benchmark computational model of a multi-megawatt AWE system. We particularly aimed to provide an open-access benchmark model that can be used for AWE system analysis, model-based flight control, and cross validation of alternative simulation frameworks developed within the AWE industry and research community.

GitHub: https://github.com/awegroup/MegAWES
Multi-megawatt AWE concept (Rendering by Dylan Eijkelhof: https://github.com/awegroup/MegAWES).


Reference design and simulation framework of a multi-megawatt airborne wind energy system

Dylan Eijkelhof, Sebastian Rapp, Urban Fasel, Mac Gaunaa, Roland Schmehl

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 1618, IOP Publishing, 2020, p. 032020

Experimental validation of a morphing wing for airborne wind energy applications

Dominic Keidel, Urban Fasel, Leo Baumann, Giulio Molinari, Paolo Ermanni

28th International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies (ICAST 2017), 2017

Aerostructural optimization of a morphing wing for airborne wind energy applications

Urban Fasel, Dominic Keidel, Giulio Molinari, Paolo Ermanni

Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 26(9), 2017 Jul 13


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