Urban Fasel

Lecturer at Imperial College London

Data-driven control

Many dynamical systems of interest are nonlinear, with examples in turbulence, epidemiology, neuroscience, and finance, making them difficult to control using linear approaches. Model predictive control (MPC) is a powerful model-based optimization technique that enables the control of such nonlinear systems with constraints. However, modern systems often lack computationally tractable models, motivating the use of system identification techniques to learn accurate and efficient models for real-time control. In this project, we review emerging data-driven methods for model discovery and how they are used for nonlinear MPC. In particular, we focus on the sparse identification of nonlinear dynamics (SINDy) algorithm and show how it may be used with MPC on an infectious disease control example. We compare the performance against MPC based on a linear dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) model. We provide a tutorial with code to run examples that may be modified to extend this data-driven control framework to arbitrary nonlinear systems.

GitHub: https://github.com/urban-fasel/SEIR_SINDY_MPC
Schematic of the data-driven MPC framework. Using either linear DMD, sparse nonlinear SINDy, or neural network models for predictive control.


Data-driven nonlinear aeroelastic models of morphing wings for control

Nicola Fonzi, Steven L. Brunton, Urban Fasel

Proceedings of The Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, vol. 476(2239), 2020 Jun 28

SINDy with Control: A Tutorial

Urban Fasel, Eurika Kaiser, J. Nathan Kutz, Bingni W. Brunton, Steven L. Brunton

2021 60th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

The balanced mode decomposition algorithm for data-driven LPV low-order models of aeroservoelastic systems

Andrea Iannelli, Urban Fasel, Roy S. Smith

Aerospace Science and Technology, vol. 115, 2021 Jun 31

FlexWing-ROM: A matlab framework for data-driven reduced-order modeling of flexible wings

Urban Fasel, Nicola Fonzi, Andrea Iannelli, Steven L. Brunton

Journal of Open Source Software, 2022

Data-driven unsteady aeroelastic modeling for control

Michelle Hickner, Urban Fasel, Aditya G. Nair, Bingni W. Brunton, Steven L. Brunton

AIAA Journal, 2022


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